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About Us

CEDRIC LAMAR is an actor, singer-songwriter, composer, educator, filmmaker, and the founder of

If My Heart Could Sing. As a multidisciplinary artist, his true passion is for storytelling, and ultimately finding ways to unlock empathy in one another.


Cedric's had the awesome privilege of telling many different stories in many different ways; as an actor in regional theaters all across the country; as band leader for The Life and Times Of, Cedric and the 7 Ages, and his self titled project whose debut album “Kingdoms and Tall Grass” was released in 2015 (Spotify, Itunes, etc.); as a composer for the 2019 production of Alice in Wonderland at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival; as a film maker he and his Family Friend bandmate, Royer Bockus, have produced over 20 music videos that have been viewed thousands of times on social media.


Cedric believes it’s a deep honor to create music with such a direct, intimate, and immediate impact in people’s lives.


Family Friend


Cedric Lamar

FAMILY FRIEND is an indie pop duo and the musical collaboration of Royer Bockus and

Cedric Lamar, who first met and worked together as acting company members at the highly esteemed Oregon Shakespeare Festival.


A deep musical connection and an instant friendship helped them develop a unique bond that is best experienced through their song and video work, or of course, in person if you happen to catch them live in concert.


Part of the magic that Family Friend attempts to capture and share, through their joyous harmonies and infectious spirit, is a genuine desire to witness each other and their community, through both uplifting and difficult times.

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