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Happy Hearts

Cedric Lamar is a heart filled talent!

Having worked with Cedric for 5+ years, I must add that he is such a genuine talent.  He leads with love and light and will bring magic to your project.  Please consider taking him up on his services.  And here’s the best endorsement I can give: 


I wanted to ask my girlfriend to marry me in a special way.  I approached Cedric, under the cloak of secrecy, to ask if he’d adapt a song from a play we were both working on into a marriage proposal.  He gleefully agreed to help and got me the song well ahead of my deadline and in a private way, so the secret didn’t spill out.  


In early November, I marched my girlfriend into the 23 degree confines of Glacier National Park.  At the foot of Avalanche Lake, I knelt down, took out my iPhone and played the song that Cedric had adapted with lyrics of a wedding proposal.  So when it was over, all I needed to do was ask the question (Cedric had taken care of my heart-felt sentiments without me blubber crying through them).  She said yes, saving me from a crushing two mile hike back to the car.  Valerie and I were so happy Cedric could join us on our wedding day to witness the results of his work.  

-Alex Turos

In the last year, If My Heart Could Sing gave me two amazing gifts – one in joy and one in sorrow.


In joy, I commissioned them to write a song to honor my sister’s career and significant birthday. I was able to share a video of their fabulous song on a Zoom birthday party in October. For a reasonable price, the process was so easy. They sent me a few questions about my sister, asked for a few photos and the first version they sent me was so joyful, fun, and on point. It was a huge hit and meant the world to me.


The second occasion was when I lost someone I loved for nearly three decades. They put their hearts and soul into it and on Valentine’s Day I received such a heartfelt gift; a cover of Warren Zevon’s “Keep Me in Your Heart.”  Their extraordinary talents are only outdone by their loving kindness.


Who in your life might benefit from a song? I am sure there is someone whom you would want to surprise with an unexpected "wow". Choose If My Heart Could Sing and Family Friend. They deliver.


-Kathleen Quinn

What an incredibly great opportunity to work with Cedric and Royer on “This is the Way!”  Our rural, tourism-driven economy was devastated by COVID19 and then on September 8 and 9, we were devastated by wildfires that destroyed more than 2,600 residences.  As the CEO of United Way of Jackson County, I wanted to thank my Board in a really special way that would hold meaning forever.  I never dreamed this song would be so healing and so loved.  We shared it at our Board retreat and people keep watching it and now are crying tears of joy!  Here’s what I say to anyone contemplating this incredible gift --- DO IT NOW!

-Dee Anne Everson, CEO/Executive Director, United Way of Jackson County

Working with Cedric and experiencing him craft such soaring music out of my daughter’s lyrics and melodies is a gift beyond these simple sentences to convey.  Cedric gives song to those who might have remained quiet, crouching behind excuses such as “I’m too young” or “I don’t play an instrument” or “I don’t have collaborators.”  Cedric makes those excuses vanish like sheets of flash paper.

-Barret O'Brien

Sometimes words are just not enough to fully express our feelings and thoughts. 

Putting them to song makes the moment or thought everlasting. I was going through a very difficult transition in my life but was also overwhelmed with joy at the birth of my first son. Cedric came to me with "Kingdoms and Tall Grass" and the song perfectly depicted all the sorrow and joy in one song.


Everyone wants a soundtrack to their life moments.... I'm thrilled that Cedric and Royer can do that! Having a song that is custom designed is as unique and special as having a star named after you, just more accessible.


~Taemy Kim-Mander

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